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Guy de Carufel, CEO & Founder

8 November, 2022

Hello World - Founder's Introduction, Introspection, and Thoughts on the Future

Cognitive Space's CEO and Founder, Guy de Carufel, talks Introduction, Introspection, and Innovation in space technology.

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Guy de Carufel, CEO & Founder

30 August, 2022

Cognitive Space's Founder, Guy de Carufel, at Space Innovation Summit 2022

Our founder, Guy de Carufel, speaks at Space Innovation Summit on Cognitive Space's role in orchestrating multi-sensor constellations for Tactical ISR.

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Paul Bailey, Chief Architect

17 June, 2022

Reality 2.0 Podcast - Episode 115: Geeks In Space

Katherine Druckman and Doc Searls talk open source, aerospace engineering, satellite management, and the space shuttle with Paul Bailey from Cognitive Space.

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